Angels For Sale is an Alternative Hard Rock band founded in 2015 by Ayala Nelson in Los Angeles, California. Comprised of primarily 90's influences, Angels For Sale infuses elements of rock, pop, and experimental genres. Currently unsigned, they are recording their new single, "Nothing Left to Lose" with 11 Time Grammy Award Nominee, Mauricio Garza.

(Scheduled for release in June 2017 via iTunes, Spotify & GooglePlay.)



    Delivering eerie and edgy melodies that derive from her own experiences, Ayala created Angels For Sale with a strong vision of finding her true identity, spirituality, and self worth. It is through her lyrics she found an outlet to cope with her dysfunctional, yet relatable home life. 


Reviving her musical background, she joined a teen rock band, playing hundreds of shows including events such as The Vans Warped Tour and SchoolJam USA, where her band won the Fan Favorite Award in Anaheim, California. After performing original sets on local TV and radio stations, she decided to shape her career as a songwriter. Writing with numerous cowriters including Michael Sanders, Teddy Kirschenbaum, Russ Wallace, and even Bruce Kulick from KISS, Ayala found her niche in rock music.

In 2014, she graduated from the Youth Performing Arts School (Louisville, Ky.) as a Musical Theatre Major and received the Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls) Award. She then moved to California to attend the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and started the production and establishment of Angels For Sale.

Through her connections at school, Ayala found drummer, Elvert Zarate. Already a Southern Californian and aspiring songwriter, Elvert moved to Los Angeles with a similar vision and quickly recruited guitarist, Logan Nowlin. Originally from the Bay Area, Logan started playing guitar at a young age and decided to study guitar craft and performance at MI. After hearing about AFS, all three members became eager to start booking live shows. They booked their first gig at the Whisky A Go Go and immidiately felt the musical chemistry fuse them together. Now performing with bass player, Ryan Black, AFS is beyond excited to record their new music and plan to start touring along the west coast in the very near future.

Sometimes in order to find your true self, you must lose your old self along the way.  Will you sell yourself short?

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